Lapka, a Set of ‘Noses’ Electronic for IPhone

There is no doubt that today’s world is abundant in pollutants that are not visible to the naked eye. A company called Lapka Electronics want to capture that market not satisfied consumers worried about how pollution affects their health and has developed a set of sensors compatible with the iPhone.

Lapka consists of four sensors with a vague appearance of white LEGO pieces that are connected separately to the iPhone using the Minijack port and which measure different magnitudes.

The largest of them all is a sensor of radioactivity in the purest style Geiger counter. Follow you a pollution sensor that measures the amount of nitrates in a liquid or organic substance.

A third sensor used to measure the electromagnetic fields caused by wireless networks and electronic devices. Finally, the smallest of these accessories combines a thermometer and a hygrometer.

All sensors turn over your data in one application own allowing register measurements at different points along the time. Although the connection to the terminal using the audio port, Lapka you specify only for compatibility with the iPhone now. The set of sensors will be available to later this year at a price yet to be determined.