Is Put You Tip Hairs / Skin of Chicken? Now You Can Measure How Much

In what could be called as a race to parameterize and measure the human emotions a group of scientists has created a Sensor being able to recognize and give a value of the degree of “goose bumps” that we have.

In the skin hairs are standing is a physiological response before certain stimuli as it can be cold or some kind of emotions and that’s where the Advanced Institute of science and technology (KAIST) of South Korea is focusing on one of their latest research.

They just create a transparent Sensor in the form of patch that is able to measure the degree of Bristly skin based on the size to acquire the follicles and the time remaining in that State (piloerection).

They assume that there is a certain pattern According to the type of external stimuli and therefore a recognizable response different part of the body as it reacts to cold, fear or any other emotion.

In this way it aims to study the reflection in the skin of the emotions the people according to the external stimuli received and is expected to become a biometric function more like heart rate and body temperature and blood pressure.