Is It Possible To Use Cameras From Different Technologies On The Same CCTV Network?

Yes. With a hybrid digital recorder, you can combine analog cameras, analog digital cameras (AHD, HDCVI, HDTVI) and IP cameras in the same network of video monitoring. So you can extend the range of options, using the best in every technology, such as the digital zoom of the IP and the cost benefit of an analog.

However it is very important to check some information regarding the compatibility of the equipment. As for digital analog technology, recorders will always be compatible with only one type. AHD, HDCVI or HDTVI. Therefore, for this specific type of camera, it is recommended that it be from the same manufacturer as the digital recorder.

IP cameras need to rely on ONVIF protocol or another similar to the recorder. Normally, when using cameras of different technologies, the number of channels available for IP cameras is reduced. Always check the quantity allowed in the instruction manual of your recorder before purchasing a new IP camera.

With a hybrid recorder you can record and monitor high resolution images, including through your tablet or smart phone, through cloud services or DDNS. Click here and check out the available models for prompt delivery.