INSTAR 6014 HD WLAN camera Review

Visually convincing the instar security camera with sturdy construction and durable housing. While she is discreetly and professionally. All connections are back in this model and are easily accessible: sitting here USB-interface fast, audio jack, SD card slot and the power connector. The instar IN-6014HD is suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, where the necessary mounting material included is included. Thus we attach quickly and securely the unit in the desired area of the room.

 INSTAR 6014 HD WLAN camera Review

testSo easy instart in-6014 HD IP camera such as the Assembly runs the technical equipment of the surveillance camera. A comprehensive guide, which guides also lay people comprehensible through the installation comes with HD. In addition to the enclosed instructions, the client finds an illustrated description of instar homepage. Free updates to the download is available here. Both over WLAN and wirelessly via WiFi, the camera can be set up. After installation, the clear user interface where we can navigate us and make the versatile settings convinced us. Among other things, the brightness and the contrast of the image allow fine adjustment.


The picture and sound quality are decisive criteria for surveillance cameras. The instar in-6014HD has a resolution of 1280 × 720 and takes 25 pictures per second. The realistic image, also faces are very clearly visible on the convincing even in critical light conditions. An excellent night vision is guaranteed thanks to 12 infrared of LEDs. In the test the specified visibility of 12 meters applies. The monitored area is enlarged by the viewing angle of 90 ° and the ability to swing the camera around 180 °. The moving of the lens while silently succeed.

The surveillance camera in the test reports on perceived movements reliably and without false alarm. This is ensured by the motion detector is being extended to a PIR heat sensor: in addition to image content, the camera registers the radiated heat of the approaching person. On request, the camera alerts us per mail or app, if it detects movements. Particularly positive on the control via app: up to three users can control the camera, where the powers can be granted individually.

Several cameras can be parallel control via the Smartphone or tablet. Recorded are the pictures on the included memory card, which can be expanded to 32 GB. While the instar IN-6014HD overrides the oldest footage automatically to deliver the current images. The buffer of three seconds is comfortable for the user: he can watch the recordings before the alarm as a result. Also the camera’s microphone is functioning properly: This allows us a two-way communication with the filmed persons.