If There Are Aliens Here Outside, These New Sensors Could Discover Them

One of the problems when it comes to detect life beyond planet Earth is biology and chemistry. There are no developed smart forms, but small microorganisms that can not react to detection that we perform with our instruments. However, there are something in common: the movement and the EPFL scientists have developed a so small and sensitive sensor that would be able to recognize it.

This motion sensor uses an overhang of millimeter scale that bacteria can be coupled. If it is alive, it is inevitable that move and producing small vibrations that would confirm that there is extraterrestrial life, at least on this scale. At the moment, that Yes, their use is not intended to perform tests in space but also in medical labs.

The movement is the engine of life

Tests conducted with this sensor have been successful so far. From bacteria to yeast through human cells and mice, the EPFL has achieved detect various forms of life Thanks to this system of vibration. Proof that it works properly is that applying medication in some of these microorganisms to kill them, the sensor stopped vibrating.

It can be used as an instrument that does not depend on the chemistry, in all circumstances from detecting life in space to perform drug tests. There is already talk of introducing these sensors type Rover vehicles or space probes that are sent to more distant planets and with more hostile environments such as the clouds of Titan methane.

Its most immediate application will be using this sensor for medical trials to test antibiotic drugs or eradication of several types of cancer. If you want to see how this sensor, the following link is a video to see it more in detail.