HTC Introduces The New Eye Experience Camera Features

With his recent shoot of Smartphone HTC desire eye, the Taiwanese company introduced a number of new camera features – and you get per update on Android 4.4.4 also on the HTC one M8. Reason enough, the fresh features in a five-part series of tutorial videos to introduce.

One of the hobbyhorses of the new HTC desire eye Selfies – not for nothing Mr Shu is called the “current Selfie-King” the device with the 13-MP front camera in his Hands-On. There it stands to reason that the feature package by eye experience brings also helpful functions for self portraits. Car Selfie and voice Selfie can you even without a finger on the trigger snap, while you live makeup directly in front of the trigger time admits, to bring you into the right light. Then you can drive merger yet mischievous face by merge faces let – see the video on this post.

So a strong front-facing camera is of course to video chat. Also has something come up with HTC for the eye of experience package leave: with face tracking keeps your face always in the focus of the camera, even if much moving, to show something. The face of your conversation partner is focused also on the other side – or even of several that if more people enter the picture. The screen share feature allows you also to directly show what you have on the screen of your HTC one M8 or desire eye.

The new feature roster is rounded off by split capture. Thus, you can make at the same time video footage with the front – and rear-view camera of your smartphones, which is of course especially the HTC desire eye with its equally high resolution sensors in the cards. So, you can capture not only something in a video, but take at the same time in your response.