How Does a Home Alarm System

From the blog we want to inform you as it is the operation of plants receiving alarms to see the difference of working with House alarms that alert directly to the user.

How Does a Home Alarm System

In this document we will inform you about as a house alarm system works.

A video surveillance cameras and alarm system is the most complete option for your safety.

How a home alarm system wireless

An alarm connected to a central receiving alarms (CRA) in case of detected alarm notice, will contact the assigned person to confirm if it is a hoax or a real alarm. The owner upon hearing the alarm notice must be confirmed in case a false alarm or not.

In a home alarm wireless the notice from the central alarm is immediate, since the notice is made by a machine that is the central alarm. There is a delay resulting from any person, since the central alarm alerts directly and immediately to the assigned person.

Verification by a surveillance camera video

For the user to verify what happened it is advisable to have a video surveillance system. With these cameras can verify what is going on.

You can install cameras in some places such as corridors, or access with a quick visual check check if all this or not in order.

Recommend you to visit web of IP cameras where you will find a broad catalog of surveillance cameras also easily installable.

Handle alarm by APP

If everything is in order, and is a false alarm, can from the APP with alarms most disconnect the siren. So you sick not to residents if a real alarm notice is not. No person is not necessary to go in person to the place of the alarm to disconnect.

You can download the alarm for your mobile app compatible with the majority of alarms. You can also download manuals in Spanish to learn its operation. So you can have ready alarm and know its working by its necessary to enable or disable it remotely.

Add alarm detectors

We have from our web of House alarms have a wide catalog of accessories for your alarm no fees. We can recommend you besides classical opening and movement detectors as follows:

  • Fire detectors. It can be programmed to detect where the smoke of a fire we advise from the alarm.
  • Flood sensors. They are very useful for second homes to avoid water problems.
  • Perimeter detectors. They can be installed outdoors in the gardens, balconies,… Having a detection range between both parts of the barrier up to 40 meters.

Ease of installation

We consider the installation in the basic kits, it is not very difficult. To do this in all plants of alarms you can download before buying the product manuals in Spanish to assess its difficulty.

In most models of alarms you can also see videos about the operation.

However if you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to help you resolve them.

Best choice of alarm no fees: alarms-zoom

Therefore recommend you visit specialized web of alarms for home where you will find the best relationship quality price and with support in Spanish for the configuration.

If you already know what you can do with your new alarm systems and these still not convinced, I recommend you to read this article which will have more reasons to change your alarm system.

Alarms House prices

Initial alarms for home kits include a central alarm, and normally a motion sensor and another opening doors. Prices tend to be from 50-60 eur depending on models with GSM, and more expensive in the alarm WiFi.

Each accessory add but it depends on the model usually cost in the majority of cases between 10-20 eur

In this document you can view a guide to choose a home alarm and their prices.

Home alarms

If you need to install an alarm system in your home you can opt for any of our alarm housing. In all of them will allow you to install motion, opening of door/window detectors,… in the place you want.

Most alarm detectors will notice that they are wireless, whereupon you can encourage them in a simple way in the right place.

Most importantly, you decide where to install the alarm detectors help you to alert you when there is an intrusion.

In this document you can see a small guide will help you find the best place for each sensor.

Alarm for country houses

You can go to anywhere else by an alarm depending on the budget and the accessories kit you want to connect. Options of mid-range as AZ017 or models such as AZ018 if it is not your primary residence.

In country houses, it might be good idea to install at least anti pets outdoor motion sensor. If you have an animal in the plot and do not want to receive false alarms you must consider this type of sensor. Another option may be to only install detectors on places inside the House where animals cannot enter.

If you do not have electricity and want to install an alarm to the country house you can have several solutions:

  • Install a small battery connected to an alarm
  • Connect the alarm to a few solar panels 12v

Types of alarms for home

Alarm types can be differentiated in various ways, one of them by the type of connection. We can distinguish between alarms connected to an alarm central, and others not connected. We are going to focus on this document in non-connected alarms, and alarm no fees.

In this sector the House alarms can be divided according to the connection

  • GSM alarms. It is the most common model of alarm and has inside a slot to put a SIM card. When a movement is detected alarm will make a call or send an SMS using this SIM card to the configured phone number/s. Models such as AZ017 and Central alarms most have this function.
  • Alarms wired telephone line. If you have an RJ11 line with usual telephone connection, you can connect some alarm as AZ011 systems.
  • Model of alarm with GSM connection and telephone line. They are models that include possibility of connection via the fixed line or GSM. An example is the AZ013alarm, although you should keep in mind at the same time only can communicate either via GSM or fixed line, not by both forms.
  • Wireless alarms have the main feature to connect via WiFi to your Router with an APP. In this way we will avoid the cost of the call or SMS which make the call in the event of an alarm.

Home security alarms

If you need an home security alarm -protect your usual property. But don’t want to have to pay monthly fees for maintenance I recommend you visit our web security for House alarms where you can have all the information to build your custom kit.

You can see documentation and manuals in Spanish that will be used for configuration. If you need some help to choose an alarm kit do not hesitate to ask us or leave us a message through this blog.