Home Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras can be used in many situations. The small and compact cameras can capture video on SD card. Video recordings on the SD card can subsequently be browsed on a computer with a Windows Media Player. When you set up a surveillance camera with built-in recorder, release it to setup wireless technical connection or wiring. The only thing you have to think of is the power supply for the camera.

Surveillance cameras on the corner of a building

A complete system of video surveillance, called CCTV, consists of cameras, SD card, and monitor or so called TV. See bridgat for a full list of CCTV components. The cameras are compact and can be mounted discretely without attracting attention. In many situations, it is interesting to set up discreet surveillance when others don’t notice it if you have suspected that adverse events will take place. The most popular surveillance camera with recording on SD card are hidden in a cabinet, which is similar to an ordinary motion sensor. This camera is filming constantly, but will only start recording when movement is detected in front of the camera. Storing of video recording starts three seconds before the camera detects movement. Thus there is a danger of losing the first part of the recording. It is also possible to start a continuous video recording via the supplied remote control. The camera can be connected directly to a standard TV screen with a supplied cable, called CCTV. On the TV, you can then follow the monitoring.

Dome CCTV cameras outside

CCTV control-room set-up