“Hey Siri” Will Not Work on Your IPhone 6s If The Proximity Sensor Caps

“Hey Siri” It is one of the most attractive novelties of the 6s iPhone for those who make use of the voice of Apple Wizard frequently. With the new terminal, thanks to the new M9 coprocessor, no longer needed to be loaded and listening is always active.

Our iPhone 6s is always listening but why sometimes Siri does not know? Possibly in situations not you’ve noticed but the proximity sensor is clogged. When this happens already will not have this option.

Yes the proximity sensor It is covered, well because our iPhone is upside down on the table, tucked in a Pocket, sleeve or simply we plugging it with your finger or other object without realizing, in addition to detecting via gyroscope that is upside down, “Hey Siri” command will not work. But it is not the only situation in which will stop working.

With low-power activated “Hey Siri” mode it does not work. And although put terminal to load, if not disable it only will do so when automatically iPhone comes to the minimum load that reactivates the normal power mode.

As you can see, beyond a fault how you’d like to call it to many, it is a way to make sure it will not activate when you should not, and consumes too much battery. Even so, must also take into account that viewing screen will be necessary sometimes for answers to our questions or requests provided by Siri.


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