HD IP Camera upCam Cyclone

The camera is protected by a robust us clean processed housing. The matte and bright surface the device fits discreetly in each room. At the same time, the upCam cyclone HD is compact and weighs only 600 grams. Thus it takes pictures and videos, without being detected. At the same time, the handheld camera is quickly attached. If you want to use the device as a baby monitor (camera is equipped with microphone and speakers) you can easily set up the IP camera. But also on the wall or on the ceiling you have attached the camera quickly. A stable mounting base and the necessary screws are already included.

the cameras

Just as quickly as the camera is installed. Particularly gratifying is the easily comprehensible instructions of the manufacturer. Compared to other IP cameras is written on German and explains the installation step by step. For questions or technical problems, the manufacturer offers a comprehensive support also in German language. The customer advisers are fortunately very competently and expertly support on any issue.

A software CD is also included for the installation. It is also very user friendly. Also, the so-called upCam Quick Connect, which only the scanning of bar codes is necessary to set up the camera via WiFi on the app offers the possibility via QR code with free app upCam.

The most important aspect of an IP camera is, of course, the quality of the image. The upCam cyclone HD makes a high HD resolution of 1280 × 960 recorded videos are they occupy compressed – this little space despite their high quality. Both day and night camera with a higher recording quality record than conventional models. In the dark, the model thanks to infrared achieves a sight of maximum 12 meters. It is also sufficient to monitor long corridors. The cyclone HD impresses with clean images without distorting and is the reference in the test.

the camera home

The picture material is backed up easily on the SD card. This comes free with the camera. On the software CD, you have the option of recorded images and videos from your computer to view – or on mobile devices, such as on your Smartphone and tablet. Also the ability to keep track of images and videos via the cloud corder is handy. Email the camera on request informs you when it detects movements. So that no unauthorized on the photographic material can get password protects the camera. You enable this simply and freely.