HD-500, Centro Multimedia with Pre-Loaded Channels, Exclusive Data

Do you remember the Media Center with preloaded channels of which I spoke a few weeks ago? Because we can now offer you exclusive details, release date and price, in addition to the video you can see up where the operation shown above.

The HD-500 It will be the first to reach the market by the end of year or first half of January. Your price will be of between 125 and 135 euros, and you have to keep in mind that it does not hard drive. If we want WiFi connectivity we have to purchase an adapter whose price has not yet been set.

HD-500 takes Internet content

The strong point and more media of the HD-500 It will be television channels that come preloaded series series. Among them is intended to find CCTV-5, well known on the network. The user will have a portal from which to add new channels organized by countries and topics. You can add any MMS content.

That part of the HD-500, called I-media is the central axis of the equipment.

YouTube It will also be important contents of the HD-500, with exclusive channel interface is own and less attractive than other implementations views recently. Also we miss to identify ourselves in our account, something that we imagine to be possible with future updates.

High definition media player

While availability of online channels will be its main attraction, the HD-500 It is also articulated as a multimedia player solvent.

The chip that will be used is the Sigma 8655, and between the supported video formats We find the following: avi, wmv, mpg, iso, vob, ifo, mp4, asf, tp, m2ts, mov and MKV, with decoding of MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, DTS, FLAC and OGG sound. In video, there will be no problems with VCI, WMV 9, H.264 HD or Divx/Xvid, MPEG 1/2/4. Subtitles can be srt, ssa and idx.

The video output, via HDMI, will support up to 1080 p. Connectivity will be 10/100 Ethernet and optional WiFi n-type.

This HD-500 has no built-in hard disk, and the storage is based on external drives that you connect via USB or eSATA.

We are therefore against a team that becomes our disk multimedia elements and in which the extra price on its rivals can compensate it with the canal system online and the web browser included, in addition to Bittorrent, this last long as we have a connected hard disk.