Hackers Warn: Beware The Security on Connected Cars

The security event Def that has taken place in Las Vegas this past weekend has served to demonstrate how the community of security experts and ‘ white hat’ hackers still discovering all sorts of mechanisms to infiltrate in various systems.

And among the protagonists at these conferences have been the they threaten the security of connected cars. Our vehicles increasingly offer more technological features, but that involves significant risk that, say, manufacturers should try to tackle as soon as possible.

A group of hackers in fact drafted a letter with five requirements which included extensive tests of the functioning of the digital tools of the cars, or a program of transparency that allow to reveal vulnerabilities in the software of these vehicles in the same way that work programs report vulnerabilities in software for platforms such as mobile operating systems and desktop.

Passenger safety problems are evident, something that showed two security experts recently in the famous Black Hat Security Conference that also took place in Las Vegas. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek studied 24 different cars and their level of ‘hackabilidad’. The conclusions of the study of 93 pages made it clear that the problems are worrying, although it is also true that they failed to control these cars remotely.

Divide and rule

Another of the key ideas to improve the prevention of problems is the segmentation of different functions for the internal networks of the vehicle. In this way, they indicate, if a hacker (or rather, a cracker) manages to infiltrate the communications or the car radio systems, not bloquar could for example address.

As indicated in Forbes, even has been created a collective proposal on Change.org to urge producers to devote resources to a problem today still not being provided with sufficient depth by manufacturers. As indicated in that request,

When the technology that we rely on affects public safety and human life, this requires us to pay maximum attention and diligence. Our cars are an example of this level of care. Every day, every day, we trust our lives and the lives of those we love cars.

Google and Apple, to put the batteries

Tesla is one of enterprises which is more investing in such measures, and with reason: the company manufactures cars in which the technology is fundamental part – that is precisely one of its attractions, as we saw in our meat – and long ago have launched a vulnerability report program, In addition to Kristin Paget, responsible for security at Apple antigua, to take charge of this section.

The little experience of the vast majority of manufacturers in this field contrasts with proposals that some companies have made when it comes to integrating technology into the automotive field. CarPlay Apple and Google with Android Auto are the two platforms, players, and in both cases security must be a maximum of these developments.

Currently there are no models in which these platforms – whose integration with internal systems of the car is clear when it comes to monitoring their State – are present, but manufacturers must pay attention so these operating systems for the car does not become a nightmare for drivers.