Foscam FI9816P: Review

The camera Foscam FI9816P has become one of the most popular models of Foscam. It comes to replace the FI8918W model. It is situated in a mid-priced among the range FI8918W/FI8910W that did not have HD quality and model FI9821P if you have HD quality. In this document we will try with more detail works them includes the camera

Foscam FI9816P Review

The camera is available in two versions FI9816P black and white FI9816P.

Foscam FI9816P features

  • Resolution HD 1280x720p. It is a quality more than acceptable for capturing images. In this link you can see a screenshot image real shows the camera
  • Motorized functions. With horizontal rotation 300 ° and 120 ° Vertical angle: thanks to this angle does not lose detail of the area where we install the IP camera
  • P2P configuration. P2P Foscam cameras allow an easy configuration without the need to open ports on the router or complicated configuracions. If we are an advanced user also allows us to configure DDNS/IP camera manually opening a port on the router.
  • IR-CUT filter. Although it is very common in current models this filter allows to display images with colors more real,
  • Indoor use. The model is not ready for use abroad. You can get wet, not receive humidity.
  • It has Wi-Fi access. We are not obliged to install the way wireless camera. We have the possibility to install it in the workplace want within our Router WiFi coverage
  • Enables night vision. Its 11 infrared leds allow a range of up to 8 metres with clarity.
  • Angle 2.8 mm 75 degrees field of view. This is good choice for capturing images from 1 meter up to 15-20 meters. In the image above you can check how the angle would be to display the camera.
  • ONVIF Compatible. In this way we can connect the IP camera with engravers such as FN3104H, FN3109H, FN3004H. Connecting a hard disk of larger record higher capacity without worrying about the size of recordings

 Rear connections FI9816P

  • Has a rear slot for inserting a memory micro SD. It allows us to be able to insert a memory and the camera record independently if it detects motion, continuously or on a pre established agenda. In this way, it is not necessary to have a computer on with recording software to make the recordings. A drawback if you wish to use this memory is that the duration of the recordings based on the size of the SD will not exceed 2-3 days.
  • Does not have input/output rear alarm. For some facilities, it is interesting to have input / output in our IP camera with what we can do sound a siren in case of alarm, or manually activate a relay output. This model of Foscam has no connections. If you are interested in these kinds of connections you can contact us or leave us a comment on this blog to tell you which models if they have these connections.

Conclusions on FI9816P

If you need more information for your configuration, you can access the website of Foscam . Where can find the price more economic at present and documents, guides,… in Spanish you will help in the configuration.

Then you show a video with a review of the product and the product images: