Football for Bars, Final Prices and Offers from All Operators

The telephone operators now they are also the holders of the rights to be able the football issue, going to clog up the list of services available in their convergent packages that already included since last summer fixed, ADSL or fiber, mobile lines and television. An offer that is completed in the case of hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes or betting with a local public display license necessary for these cases and that the operators have also been responsible for promoting.

The latest proposal has today entered into force from the hand of Orange becoming the third alternative nationwide after Movistar y Vodafone (the fourth if considering to telecable that only operates in Asturias) but with very notable differences that we will analyze if you are one of the lucky ones who can choose beyond price as, Neither coverage nor the contents are the same.

Remember rather than for this season, the bulk of football that is not open is issued by Canal + Liga and Canal + Partidazo which are equipped with the League and Cup While beIN Sports has the Champion and Europa League

Movistar, throughout the territory, but Champions

Movistar will be the only option for those areas without ADSL or with low quality connections since it is the only operator to arrive to the whole thanks to the satellite with Fusion + Bar. The operator will continue allowing hire satellite service without any Fusion but high cost, it makes that not it worth.

With regard to the content, we are left with a sweet and sour sensation. On the one hand has exclusively with the League forward and other international leagues Canal + Liga 2 and Canal + Fútbol through but has not reached agreement with beIN Sports by what no Champion or Cup.

Vodafone, the most limited coverage

Vodafone and Orange are equipped with League, Cup and Champions as main advantage, but in the case of Vodafone, it only offers service in those areas where it has deployed fiber (whether ONO or their own). The price can be a good incentive If you are already a customer of Vodafone but offers lower speed of fiber than their rivals (120 to 300 megs).

Among its peculiarities they deployed:

  • The mobile line that includes roaming by the EU and the U.S..
  • The included router is compatible to offer Wi-Fi to customers who have with Vodafone WiFi key and securely without the need.
  • TiVo that offers live broadcast control, stopping and rewinding, personalized recommendations and recording up to three channels at the same time.

Orange, the more balanced?

Covers both areas of fiber as direct ADSL and like Vodafone, it boasts the most popular competitions while the price is the tighter if we take into account that movistar is promotional until the month of August.

Among its peculiarities is that Orange is the only one to offer speeds of symmetric fiber, i.e., same speed both for download and for uploading data to the cloud.

Telecable, the more flexible and cheap but only in Asturias

The Asturian Millicom has kept the marketing model of football which were used up to now and which offers package League, Cup and Champions without the need of hiring fiber or mobile with the operator. Its price is therefore priori much more attractive than the 220 euros of national rivals.

Telecable offers all football by 75 euros per month until August (then would have a cost of 105 euros) and also allows to not hire beIN Sports with the Champions League to save you from 35 euros.

If we compare with Movistar, Vodafone and Orange, you should add one of convergent offerings available ranging from 70 to 100 euros. The most similar with TV, fiber to 300 megs, phone with unlimited calls and 3 GB would add a total of 165 euros until August, which would still be cheaper than its rivals with the advantage of not having to hire the entire package.

The other advantage of Telecable is that its only soccer offer lack of permanence. To take into account before the question of what you can spend next season.

Comparative final prices to watch the football

Price with unlimited minutes on your mobile€275 with fiber 30/ADSL
€275 with fiber 300/30
(Includes 2 GB)€164 with fiber 120/12
(if you are already customer VF)
€230 with fiber 120/12
(if you are not a customer VF)
(Includes 3 GB and roaming)€207 with fiber 30/ADSL
€219 with fiber 300/300
(Includes 3 GB)Promotional discounts€40 / month
until August of 2016€14 / month
for 3 months€12 / month
for 3 months fibered 300

Movistar Vodafone Orange
Availability with decoder Through countrywide
fiber, DSL or satellite
Only in areas of fiber Only in areas of
fiber and direct ADSL
Multi-device Yomvi (smartphones, tablets,
(smart tvs, Xbox)
Vodafone TV (smartphones,
tablets, smart tvs)
Orange TV (smartphones,
tablets, smart tvs)
Channels including Canal + Liga
Canal + Partidazo
Canal + Liga2
Canal + Fútbol
Canal + Liga
Canal + Partidazo
BeIN Sports
Canal + Liga
Canal + Partidazo
BeIN Sports

All prices include VAT.

Other stations, including

Movistar Vodafone Orange
Film and Series Canal+ Fox, AXN, TNT, Comedy Central, Calle 13, Cosmo, FOXlife, Somos, Azcorazon, Canal Hollywood, Buzz/Dorcel FOX, FOXlife, TNT AXN, AXN White, Comedy Central, Calle 13, Cosmo, SyFy, Canal Hollywood, amc, TCM
Other sports Moto GP, F1, football Replay, Real Madrid TV, Eurosport, Iberalia, hunting and fishing
Documentaries Travel National Geographic, history, Odyssey, kitchen, decasa
Child Disney XD, Panda Disney XD, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon
Other channels MTV, Sun music, VH1, 40tv, CNN, BBC, Euronews, CNBC, FOX News, Bloomberg, CCTV, RT, France24, TV5monde, Aljazeera, Cucavision, AZ, TVREC, Telesur MTV, Sun music, Euronews, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN International, BBC World, Al Jazeera, art, Deutsche Welle, UkraineToday, TV5 Monde, art, RTM, TVP Poland, PRO TV international, CCTV-E, RT Spanish, Parliament channel, Intereconomía TV, France 24, Gallery HD channel, EWTN, Taroteame 40 TV, BBC, CNN, TV5 monde, DW, snail, AlJazzera, RT, PRO TV, CCTV, Orange sand