Fliwer, a Perfect Assistant for Orchards and Gardens

A group of Spanish developers are trying to boost commercialization of Fliwer, a set of devices that we “planted” in the our garden that helps us take care of our plants.

Inside we find a series of components that monitor and control all the parameters that affect the vitality of the plants, such as light, humidity or temperature, and sends alerts and notifications about the status of them.
The aim is to provide a remote control of these parameters and provide the user of the information necessary to have your garden and its plants in perfect condition.

The Fliwer Sensor, base of the system, “planted” in our garden, and its sensor captures different data and parameters, in addition to also providing a singular system of irrigation – the so-called optional module control Fliwer Control-that eliminates the need for watering timer and applied that only watering when necessary.

The data is transferred to the Fliwer Link, that communicates the sensors network Fliwer and online platforms from which we can not only analyze the data, but also to communicate with other users, share experiences and give or follow advice of the community.

The collective funding campaign carries a few days available on KickStarter, and achieve your goal Fliwer will begin to ship the product in January 2014. The starting price (Fliwer Sensor + Fliwer Link) for first investors is $199 – there are few places for this offer – left or $249 for investors following.