DVR Internet Access CCTV Modem

We are going to pass some Tips or methods of access to the DVR by Internet that we know with ADSL connection or PPOE that are connected through a modem, in these types of cases we have to create a account and direct a web port in the modem after creating The account make sure that we will not have IP conflict on Lan, well done this confirmation that there is no IP conflict we can proceed.

DVR Internet Access CCTV Modem

– Create a unique user for remote access to the DVR which in turn is not logged into the internal system.

-After creating the user test the connection to the DVR by typing directly the external IP of the network followed by the web port that we directed in the modem to make sure that it is logando with this the user that we just created with that also we tested the account of the

-Generally the DVR when connecting be for the first time asks permission to install some plugins activex, after running these facilities we have to download the security level of the browser we will access the DVR.

-Go to the Internet options browser on the privacy tab and lower the level of third-party cookie security.

-If you did all this and still can not access your DVR we recommend that you install a router that you are sure to be fully aware of for port-to-web server routing.

-If the account does not work for your DVR model you must create an account with no-ip if you have this option in the firmware of your device.

These are the tips for this type of subject so you are in trouble if you have more tips information to add about the subject leave your comment for us your opinion is important.