Do Security Systems Use in The Garage of House? The Question of The Week

I think that many of us keep the bike community garages, a method that gives us some security but it also has its drawbacks if “bad” decide to do with your bike because they can work with total discretion. This week he plays that you tell us security systems use on your bike when you leave it parked in the garage of House.

Something as simple as if you leave your beloved bike tied with a string of boat to the wall or a pillar. Or if you leave next to it a starving lion that leaves no one comes close to it, even your. In short We want to hear your solutions to continue enjoying the bike.

What security systems you use in the garage of a House?

Speaking of legislation you asked last week if it seemed to you that there are sobre-legislacion related to bikes or not, and it seems that you are all agreed on the si, but with small nuances.

Foil said:

In reality there is no sobre-legislacion, but legislation which does not evolve according to the rest of circumstances.

An example would be the use of daytime, which has seen nothing done when the implantation of these devices was known long time.

Another could be the filter between cars (with head).

Another one, the regulations of the ITV is spoke the other day.

And so on.

Our fellow Jesus:

I think that sobre-legislacion in general, not only with the bikes. The legislative landscape wants to control everything, everything must be criminalized in some code or regulation. The problem is that the more legislemos older will be problems to develop a life without complicated existence with bureaucracies or breach of rules which are beyond.

I agree that there should be legislation, but this legislation has to be constantly adapt to the requirements of society. Not unlike.

Clear we have the example in the Constitution, which can only be when good comes to someone with many interests and a lot of power. In contrast to other things is untouchable.

Another relevant example is that of the criminal law. I am not in disagreement with that has to be a system that creates in the resettlement, but there are cases that cry out to heaven, as for example the de Ortega Cano, in whose trial go cooked like a Mussel earned him as mitigating and already in your home.

Well, I mess. Laws, but updated and current.

Soker75 a little more delved into the subject:

In Spain, also what more rage gives me is the following.

A person, to remove the driver’s licence B, should, exceed one test general theoretical and practice of circulation drive specific. And that’s it. You can already handle car that is planted him “Pistons”. Is a Fiat Panda, a Subaru Impreza or a Ferrari of over 500 horsepower.

Now, for the A2, that is the case I know firsthand is the following: general theoretical test, specific theoretical test, test maneuvering in closed circuit and test specific practice in open circulation. After those 4 exams, you have limited your selection to bikes that do not exceed the power 47kw. For the past 2 years, make a “workshop” of a couple of hours and you have the full license, the.

C * or if to my I feel great to be in the safety of motorists new wings, but Cork, I tell you the case of my cousin who went between examinations, payment of fees, practical driving near the €1,100 and 7 months. And I am not exaggerating. Clear, it was not the typical driving low-cost so much advertising, has been in the driving school in his neighborhood, advised by professionals who have advised you during the whole process.

To the conclusion that I try to get it, management is very lax (too in my opinion) with the carnet B and very fussy with the A2.

Legislation if, but adequate to the reality.

And lastly Eguren is also agree that there is too much law, what happens is that you just proposing one stepping of the motorcycle driving licences:

I think that in general the world 2 wheels is over-legislated (fear, ignorance, etc.).

On one side is the fact who always speaks of a young man with card B newly extruded and sufficient resources to become a high-powered car and be a danger potential vs the young man who wants to have a high-powered motorbike and the legislation puts “barriers to you and expect” to get it.

Well, it seems that the legislation only contemplates this fact, that a young man not easily access a bike of superbikes with which will be dangerous for inexperienced. So far I see it perfect.

The problem I see with the legislation is that to put everything in the same pot, it does not address multiple variants, some of which will come to head:

With licence B may be a 125cc with no more 15cv, etc, if you have stepped on a driving of motorcycles and “we have” many enjoying this “recognition” and others to be a risk on the road (this is a theme apart).

If I want to take a 250ccc scooter, for example, the jump is not big, but it forces me to pass a series of surreal tests and, in addition, learn how to take a motorcycle gear (what for?).

I think that no laws on motorcycles/scooters without marches in which I would include that when I took my first my scooter just had taken bikes (although it will take 10 years with the carnet B) there are.

Another failure in the legislation to me see, “we have” quiet people that sports don’t tell us anything, go on bike to more than 100 seems me a reckless (for that lame car). Well, I love the custom, I love them and I mind going at high speed a radish. The world custom has gotten you basically in the same SAC since, if I’m going to carry a 250 Kg bike that won’t zigzag by traffic or go to run… as you eat have to take the same test circuit which intend to buy an R of over 100cv?

Yes, I have to show my skills as it stands… but to see, that I am not going to pilot, I have her appreciation of my life and topple not going with me and it is not nothing wrong, it is a way of understanding the 2 wheels…..

I’ve already overextended but in short… on the one hand I think that there should be a scooter license examination for scooters and on the other hand in motorbikes of marches would make a distinction of cards already non-custom and sports, but kind of motorcycle for proven claims / age, not is like but my task is not to write that law just to give my opinion.

Thank you to those who have read the billet.

Many thanks to everyone for participating. Only is remind you that here the comments are blocked, because You must leave your answers in the indicated section, that it is none other than Motorpasión Moto Respuestas. We finally also want to remind you that you can do it if you want to send us some clue or communicate with the editorial team via the contact page.