Chivata Pill: This Technology Confirms That You Follow Medical Treatment

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has approved the start of a phase of testing for a drug to a small sensor integrated. The idea: that to the the pill us can be kept a record of when we have taken it so that a mobile app let us know when you must take the following.

The call”adherence to treatment”it is a common problem in psychiatric illness: a 2010 study revealed how 74% of schizophrenia patients stopped taking the medication prescribed in the first 18 months.” This sensor takes care of this problem is minimized.

More “goats” drugs on the horizon

The is Abilify medication, a very popular in the United States, where he was the drug most antipsychotic sold in 2013. Now the idea is to combine it with a sensor created by Proteus Digital Health, something that had not been done so far and could be extended to other drugs.

The sensor is based on the use of a small piece of magnesium and copper that is inserted in the pill. When the pill reaches the stomach two metals created a small voltage that is detected with a man attached to the torso of the patient, which in turn sends information to the mobile application.

Project managers say that the idea is not the “monitor” patients, but they want to improve the treatments with this method. Testing will determine if everything works as it should, but must also take into account the added cost of such solutions will in the future.