Centro Multimedia with Preloaded Channels Underway: Exclusive

The Internet TV It is more fashionable than ever. But having to go to a computer to enjoy it isn’t as comfortable if we are watching TV. For this reason, media centers increasingly include contents that we can take directly from the Internet.

The company Nvsbl It will present soon a Media Center where the highlight is that teams will come preloaded with 362 IPTV channels or TV online segmented by themes and countries. Yes, the channels like CCTV-5 will be included, and of course Youtube videos with an exclusive channel.

The part of Internet TV It is that most are working, so that users can add new channels and notify those who are no longer operating. There will be a portal where the Media Center will look for updates of online TV channels and apply them.

The radio is another important part of this team, and will also come with preset channels.

Another strong point of this future equipment will be the browser included, even though at the moment he will not support flash, with a keyboard and mouse connected to the equipment, to that we can use it as a traditional browser to view Internet content on the Media Center.

Although we can not give more facts at the moment, the support for the video to 1080 p playback It will be a basic characteristic of this team, which as you can see in the pictures, is quite small. So we can connect an HDD via USB or eSATA, besides that it’s a DLNA and UPnP certified equipment. Connectivity will be Ethernet and WiFi n.