CCTV for Jewelers

With the new CCTV equipment it is possible to set up an efficient video monitoring system for jewelers, capable of covering the entire internal and external area of ​​your trade with high resolution images and the possibility of remote monitoring via a tablet or mobile phone.

With the analog cameras HD it is possible, with a low investment, to have image with resolution above 720p. With this resolution the identification of faces and objects becomes much easier. This makes it easy to set up motion detection for your DVR recorder. These current camera models automatically correct any variation of light and contrast. So, for example, if you leave a camera directed to the entrance to the pharmacy, the image will not “pop” when someone opens the door and lets in sunlight in the room. This brings much more security in site access control.

Also, choose infrared cameras with a range of 20 meters or more. This will maintain high image quality and motion detection even when there is no light in the environment.

Another important factor for your jewelry is the digital DVR recorder. According to bestitude, use one of the same analog camera HD technologies (AHD, HDCVI, HDTVI), or use the MULTI HD model, compatible with all analog HD technologies. Also try to purchase a recorder with Ethernet input or WiFi connection, otherwise remote monitoring will not be possible. Try to use more 4TB of memory to be able to record the images of several days, being able to review them when necessary.

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