Canon to buy Sweden’s Axis

By combining Axis IP cameras and Milestone software, Canon can nourish serious ambitions in the market for video surveillance.

The mega-mergers and acquisitions are back. Canon, the Japanese giant photo, launches a takeover bid 2.5 billion euros Axis, a specialist in network video surveillance cameras. If the transaction receives the approval of the financial authorities, would place instantly Canon among the market leaders.

For several years, Canon has a small line of IP cameras. But unlike its cameras, they remain anonymous and without any relief from the competition. Their trade performance has never been up to the Japanese ambitions. Axis, however, is a figure of the market with an extremely wide range. However, it suffers from a few years of competition from Chinese players with much cheaper products. This merger was therefore welcome.

Canon is not at its first acquisition in the sector. In 2014, he had already bought Milestone, a leading provider of video surveillance applications. In the future, Canon could therefore offer a completely integrated offering hardware, software and services. What up in the value chain and better differentiate from those that only offer equipment.