Canon I Want in Their Compact Cameras CMOS Sensors

Until recently they were the ugly duckling of the world of digital photography, but little by little the manufacturers are giving more importance to the photo sensors type CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)

Canon has been which, according to Reuters, has taken the final step to making the decision to double the production This type of sensors for attention, incorporate them also to its range of compact cameras. Until now, only they did it with their cameras digital SLR.

The investment of more than $ 450 million will be a new center of production of the Japanese firm, which would be ready to go into operation within one year exactly.

One of the reasons that seems to have led Canon to this decision would be purely strategic and economic: not relying on other manufacturers as Sony to important parts of the camera such as sensors. Thus, its mission is to make them each and every one of the components of the camera.