Can You Imagine a Law against Digital Retouching on Photos?

The truth is that a law against digitally enhanced images It would be a hit, especially for advertising agencies and big brands. At the moment, it will not be possible, but France has taken a first step to alert the population about these ‘not-so-real-life’ images.

The French Parliament wants to to all the photos that have been digitally retouched carried the following legend in the image caption: “Photograph retouched to modify the physical appearance of a person”. This initiative is included in a campaign against eating disorders.

If finally approved this initiative, fines could reach the 37,000 euros or confiscate 50% of revenues by advertising from the magazine which fails to comply with the standard. Hard hand against the unreal image of women in the media.

The initiative seems fantastic to me. When we see a car in the TV ad, they always tend to put something like “images recorded on CCTV”. When we buy a pre-cooked meal and see the photo of the so-called plate in question, he often put “suggestion of presentation”. Because it seems to me to be the most normal thing in the world that these measures are taken to alert that a picture is not real.

France is not the only country that is working on this issue. In the United Kingdom is to prohibit the use of retouching digital campaigns advertising directed to under 16 years.

I hope that this don’t him confine only to images of women, because I am reminded of the cut of love handles made by Paris Match to Sarkozy a few years ago, or the lifting of Zapatero o Rajoy in the election campaign photos.

How do you see it? Do it may be the beginning of an effective engagement with the? real beauty?