Barack Obama Can Use an IPhone “For Security Reasons”

Barack Obama He is a faithful advocate of BlackBerry. It moved heaven and Earth to be able to continue using it as soon as he was elected President of the United States and got a special for him, but with very little flexibility terminal and a little agenda. The press recently I asked what he thought of the iPhone, and the President It was revealed that you can not use it for security reasons.

Curiously You can use the iPad, probably because the phone component does not exist in the terminal and therefore it is easier to protect. But it is ironic that Obama (comparing to Apple with the mythic American dream) will not able to use one of the smartphones more used by all Americans.

Things change when you look at his family, the President’s daughters have iPhone. I do not even imagine how complicated it must be to pass data between the Obama phones, between the difference of platforms and the endless layers of security You must have your systems.