Apple Is Aimed a “Super Resolution” to The IPhone in a New Patent

The iPhone’s camera will evolve, that is more than evident, but not in the way that many already are making, entering into an absurd war of megapixel. Apple has prepared a patent similar to those already presented by Olympus and Pentax star that they could give birth to the manner by which will evolve your gadget, iPhone.

This patent suggests the possibility of generating pictures on the device at one higher resolution to the native of the sensor itself included in the terminal. Thanks to the mechanism of optical stabilization (which holds the iPhone 6 plus) it may take several photographs that combining them would get a picture of higher resolution and therefore detail.

It is sensor would take multiple pictures by varying the position of the sensor in each and bringing together the different exhibitions they would get the picture at a higher resolution than the native of the sensor itself. If we take for example the mechanism used by Olympus E-M5 OM-D Mark II from a 16 Megapixel sensor gets 40 megapixel resolution.

This technique It is not feasible when taking photographs of subjects or objects in motion, but it would be very useful for taking pictures of landscapes. The time will say when Apple decides to (or not) implement this technology, but priori 6 plus iPhone would be ready for use.