AirLive MD-720:Mini-Dome with Huge Potential

AirLive Brasil Blog publishes on this occasion the first impressions of users and experts on the AirLive MD-720 mini dome highlighting its strengths and characteristics.

According to a report published by Poland’s News PC portal, AirLive MD-720 is a small camera with enormous potential. Easy to install, this versatile mini dome includes a list of advanced features ideal for a wide variety of environments such as offices, shops, offices, workshops, among other environments.

As the picture shows, the ideal companion for the AirLive MD-720 is the AirLive POE-FSH804 switch, powered by Power over Ethernet (this device can only be powered via PoE, optional PoE kit or PoE switch).

Description and Basic functions

The camera measures only 6 cm high by 10 cm in diameter and is built very solidly.Its metal base provides excellent support for easily mounting to a wall or ceiling in a strategic location and low visibility.

After removing the MD-720 dome shows the presence of the SD card slot, two LEDs that indicate the status of the device, reset button, DI/DO interface and Ethernet jack.The camera does not need to connect a cable for additional power as data and power are supplied through a single cable.This feature makes it a very convenient solution for MD-720, simplifies installation and allows installation discreetly.

In the camera box are some useful accessories: mounting screws, quick start guide, software, complete documentation and a template to set the focus and DI/DO.This kit provides everything the integrator needs for installation and configuration.

The camera can record videos up to 30 fps./Sec at a resolution of 1280 × 720. These parameters provide excellent sound quality and speed.Its ultra wide angle lens increases the field of view, and vertical and horizontal Pan/Tilt ostensibly extends the ability to monitor a certain space.It also has a microphone and digital DI/DO connectors, which allow you to connect alarms and external sensors.MD-720 is compatible with Clear Motion, AirLive’s proprietary solution that enhances the sharpness of subjects and objects captured on the go.


The installation of the camera is reduced to secure the device in place of choice and connect the Ethernet cable to the camera and the PoE switch.
Then enter the IP address of the camera and log in with the username and password.Immediately you will see an administration panel with an image of the camera.The installation is so simple that an inexperienced one can do it.In turn, the disc and the included materials provide the configuration of the cameras, and further explain the advanced step-by-step function (the videos are in English).