Advanced Identification Systems: Special Security on Laptops

Continuing with the special security on laptops, after seeing more physical protection methods, such as padlocks and backpacks, now it is the turn of a type of advanced security designed to prevent an attacker from accessing the information that we store on your computer. Don’t talk about solutions based only on software, as hardware but Quiviger as readers of fingerprints or identification by the iris of our eyes.

All these methods are based on biometrics, which is a security technology based on the recognition of a physical and non-transferable persons property. Commonly used systems are the fingerprint, iris, voice, retina, face, the Palm of the hand or signature.

The advanced method of identifying most-used today in laptops, mostly from companies, is making use of our fingerprint. This method serves as access to the operating system and even to encrypt the disk.

The fingerprint reader laptops tend to be placed together with the touchpad. Experience with this type of sensor has not been very positive mainly because he had just activated when we didn’t because of its location.

The other system of biometric recognition used in laptops makes use of the already common webcam on computers, and looking our eye to recognize us. It does this by phases. First analyzes the image of the eye, to identify the area of the iris, then process it. Finally unfolds the image, obtaining a rectangular pattern that contains the information for the recognition and that will be that compares in successive accesses to the system.

A step forward in the identification of the iris is the facial recognition, where an application automatically identifies a person attending a digital image, usually taken with a webcam, and based on certain facial features is compared with data from a database. Since the characteristics of the user change with age, it is not too reliable system.

The advantage of safety based systems in biometric identification the management of access to the crew without keys is or passwords, which are easily forgotten or can be stolen. At the consumer level it does not have much relevance, but professionally it is imposing with force.

At the level of individuals, already third-party applications are being implemented for traces of the portable readers, according to which finger pass by the reader, to access to a service or specific application.