Across The League, Champions and Available with Movistar, Vodafone and Orange Cup: Final Prices

The season 2015 / 2016 that the issuance of payment soccer has become one asset of the operators together with their converging offers packaging fixed, ADSL or fiber, mobile and television, has not stopped vary on what prices we carry seasonal while the Champions refused to reach all operators as Movistar finally already account with rights to broadcast it and we can get a better idea of How to view all football This season.

They are revealing details of what will happen the next few seasons with the broadcast of football, for this year are Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Telecable the main pay TV platforms emitted Champions, League and Cup, finding in the price and coverage the main differences that will help us to opt for an operator or another as we will see in the following comparative.

What competitions of payment issued each channel?

The bulk of football will be issued by all operators through the following channels:

  • Canal + Partidazo / manure football 1: the “best” out of each day of La Liga (includes one of the Madrid-Barça Classics) and Copa del Rey.
  • Canal + League / football tickets: 8 La Liga matches per day (always one of the Barca or Real Madrid as well as one of the classics) and the Copa del Rey.
  • BeIN Sports: UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Ligue 1 French, Italian Serie A, the Belgian Jupiler Pro League, the German Cup, the French Cup, the Dutch Cup, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

In addition, Movistar has exclusive with other two channels on football offer:

  • Canal + Liga 2: Includes all matches of the Liga Adelante.
  • Canal + Fútbol: Qualifiers for euro 2016 and international leagues as the English Premier, the German Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivise, the Brazilian League and also argentina.

Comparative final prices to see all football

Before the comparison with the final prices and benefits, We are going to learn about the different options of hiring according to operator.

  • Movistar: Free Champions with Fusion +. League for 25 euros with Fusion +.
  • Vodafone: Champions 10 euros with package of TV free League hiring Champions.
  • Orange: Champions 10 euros with or without package of TV free TV package with League or 9.95 euros without it.
Movistar Vodafone Orange
Coverage with decoder Through countrywidefiber, DSL or satellite Only in areas of fiber Only in areas of fiber and direct ADSL
Multi-device Yomvi (smartphones, tablets, smart tvs, Xbox) Vodafone TV (smartphones, tablets, smart tvs) Orange TV (smartphones, tablets, smart tvs)
Advantages Includes League forward
and other international leagues
It is possible to see soccer without contract
TV package
BeIN price + mobile 150 min + 1.5 GB €53.95 with fiber 30
Fiber €300 65.95
BeIN price + mobile unlimited + 3 GB Fiber €30 65.95
Fiber €300 77.95
Price beIN + TV + Mobile unlimited + 3 GB €68 with fiber 30
€80 with fiber 300
(same price including League) (same price including League)
All the football price + mobile 150 min + 1.5 GB €63.90 with fiber 30
Fiber 300 €75.90
All the football price + mobile unlimited + 3 GB Fiber 30 €75.90
87.90 fiber €300
All the football price + TV + Mobile 150 min + 1.5 GB €69 with fiber 50
€77 fiber 120
€81 with fiber 300
€66.90 with fiber 30
Fiber €300 78.90
All the football price + TV + Mobile unlimited + 3 GB €93 with fiber 30
€105 with fiber 300
€75 with fiber 50
€83 with fiber 120
€87 with fiber 300
€73.90 with fiber 30
€85.90 with fiber 300

Although the recruitment of any TV package implies permanence, in case of interest also hire football the next seasons, it will be interesting to not have any permanence for access with greater freedom to future offers is expected more faces that we know.

Telecable, since the TV only in Asturias

The Millicom Asturian has kept the marketing model of football which were used up to now and offering the League, Cup and Champions package without the need of hiring fiber or mobile operator. Its price is therefore priori much more attractive than the rivals.

Telecable offers all football for 25 euros per month to see it from the TV and online but the service is only available in Asturias in fiber coverage area even though it offers a form only online for tablets, smartphones and computers in all Spain that it is possible to hire for 20 euros. And if you want to further adjust the prices, you can hire only the League and Cup Champions and Europa League to save 5 euros per month.

If we compare on equal terms with Movistar, Vodafone and Orange, you should add one of convergent offerings available from 70 euros with TV, fiber 100 megas and mobile with 200 minutes and 1 GB, which would make a total of 100 euros.

Included in the package of TV channels

Movistar Vodafone Orange
Film and Series Canal +, SyFy, FOXlife, AXN, AXN White, TCM, aMC, ci, Sundance, Canal Hollywood, Paramount, Fox, AXN, Comedy Central, Calle 13, Cosmo, Non Stop Fox, AXN, TNT, Comedy Central, Calle 13, Cosmo, FOXlife, Somos, Azcorazon, Canal Hollywood, Buzz/Dorcel FOX, FOXlife, TNT AXN, AXN White, Comedy Central, Calle 13, Cosmo, SyFy, Canal Hollywood, amc, TCM
Other sports Soccer Replay, Garage TV, Eurosport, Iberalia
Documentaries Discovery Chanel, history, Odyssey, travel, A & E, National Geo, National Geo Wild, decasa, kitchen Discovery Chanel National Geographic, history, Odyssey, kitchen, decasa
Child Disney XD, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Nick jr, Panda, Baby TV Disney XD, Panda Disney XD, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon
Other channels MTV, Sun music, VH1, 40tv, CNN, BBC, Euronews, CNBC, FOX News, Bloomberg, CCTV, RT, France24, TV5monde, Aljazeera, i24News, CNC, Orbe21 MTV, Sun music, Euronews, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN International, BBC World, Al Jazeera, art, Parliament channel, Intereconomía TV, Deutsche Welle, UkraineToday, TV5 Monde, art, RTM, TVP Poland, PRO TV international, CCTV-E, RT Spanish, France 24, Gallery HD channel, EWTN, Taroteame 40 TV, BBC, CNN, TV5 monde, DW, snail, AlJazzera, RT, PRO TV, CCTV, Orange sand