A Security Guard Started The Baby’s Chest Because I Was Nursing Him at a Clothing Store [Update: or Not]

If a few days ago I showed a video that, with irony and humour, purported to show how absurd that is that people who are against breastfeeding in public there are, today we bring you precisely one of those absurd, but also outrageous, news happened in a Primark clothing store (again?).

We are accustomed to that urge women to stop breast-feeding, to do so on other side or invited to cover, but what has happened this time goes beyond, because the store security guard tore the child from its mother’s breast and I carry it is towards the exit door saying: “If you want that you return to your baby, follow me”.

How it all happened

Her name is Caroline Starmer, is 28 years old and was with its two twins of 9 months and a half shopping at Primark, in Leicester, when one of them started to complain and cry. He saw that there was much tail yet and that the thing was going to go for long and decided to move to an area where few people had to give the chest. Within five minutes he was approached with the protagonist of the story, the security guard, who told him that would have to leave the store to continue breastfeeding the baby.

She refused. Aware of their rights (a few days ago also told them you here), that the law allows women to breastfeed babies there where you need it, you have opted not to move and explain to him that his daughter was hungry and act to defend that right. But it could not stop to explain because the guard approached her, She took the girl and walked away saying that follow him if wanted to recover.

Says Caroline to the Daily Mirror, was a very painful time because the girl wanted to cling to it for the only union that he had, the teeth to his chest:

The pain was unbearable, because she was taken out of my chest against his will. He tried to secure is tightening down two teeth strong and hurt me much.

And what can happen when they suddenly do something that you don’t expect and leave you with the words in his mouth? That it cost you to react:

I was stone. I didn’t know what to do. That strange had my daughter and I was walking while she was screaming and I was sitting, with chest out and my other daughter sitting in her stroller.

Then he realized the seriousness of the scene and ran to his daughter:

When I recovered my senses I ran after him and I stopped in front of him. I removed le Paige’s arms and he scoffed at me and walked away.

The scene left him so confused that he went immediately store the police road, to put a report. He also called her husband was home with their other two children, who was exceedingly angry and spent the afternoon talking with responsible for store to search for responsibilities.

The girl, meanwhile, was marked by the event, because since then It has failed to quiet sleep. Apparently, he doesn’t wake up crying, restless.

From Primark they regret what happened, say that they will take the issue seriously, investigating what happened, and confirm that mothers are welcome and you can breastfeed there, if they require it (as we see in the following tweet).

He explained to the guardian

Now just need the guardian to meet these guidelines, because of all the decisions that you could take, seems the worst. Start to someone the baby’s chest? Are we crazy or what? Is crazy, or what?

Man sought to put an end to “the scene” of a mother breastfeeding her baby quietly, in a relatively secluded place, and for this you chose to generate a scene much worse, walking through the store with a baby alien crying and leaving behind a mother with the teta was in State of shock, that he would then pursue him running to the rescue of his daughter.

UPDATE: After the publication of this entry Primark issued a communiqué explaining that in viewing the CCTV from the shop looks to women breastfeeding your baby but no one approaches him. To talk to security personnel on duty, explained that no one made a similar intervention and therefore have been the case available to the police so that complete the investigation if it deems it appropriate. Also added the predisposition to help mothers who want to breast-feed in its stores looking for them a comfortable and quiet place.

As soon as we know more about this topic do you know, because the versions do not match at all and the conclusion is clear: one of the two parts lies.