A Fingerprint Sensor under The Screen of The Mobile? at CES Will Teach Synaptics Us

Synaptics has presented its new technology optical fingerprint sensor, and has done so by highlighting one of its most striking features: the fact that We need not a button for this sensor.

The sensor Synaptics FS9100 You can sit under a screen of up to 1 mm thick, which makes it particularly interesting for designs that increasingly leverage all the front of the device to the screen.

Welcome to the sensors “stuck” on the screens

This makes that the limitations imposed on new trends in design do not oblige the sensor mark on the back of. Integrate it in the front under the screen It will be possible thanks to a technology which makes this even more interesting component integration.

Synaptics makers claim that this type of sensor is oriented to use in screens 2.5 d with this increasingly popular bend in the extrenmos, but in addition there is an additional feature of interest: the fact that is uses a system of artificial intelligence – for the time being is not specified if it is local or external servers connection – is to assess whether the inserted track is fake or real.

The idea is therefore the offer a much more integrated in the design of the phone sensor, but also more secure against hacking attacks or those who try to use falsified fingerprints. The company has indicated that it will show the new technology at the CES 2017 fair which will take place in the first days of the month of January.