5-Megapixel High Sensitivity for Mobile Sensor

The great challenge of mobile phones with digital camera is to make decent photos when the light conditions are not the perfect. In broad daylight the day, many of them defend themselves quite well, especially taking into account for what are often used this type of cameras.

Aptina Imaging, specialist in sensors for mobile phone cameras, has presented its new 1/2.5 sensor inches, the MT9P014, with a resolution of 5 megapixels and intended mainly for use in phones. Improvements introduced by this sensor have focused almost exclusively on get photos more than acceptable in terms of low sensitivity, with a reduction of noise generated on them and the images taken dynamic improvements.

Since mobile phones and compact digital cameras have the video as an increasingly important area, this sensor also allows the recording video with resolution up to 720 p at 60 fps. At the end of September you can find already in some photographic high-end telephone.