2012, a Bad Year for The Android Security According to Lookout

Throughout 2011, we have seen how have appeared different security threats for Android. Whether it is malware contained in applications from the Android Market or different versions of the operating system security. Whatever the threat always we make the same recommendation: look well use what applications.

Just the year, that left a few days already, and many are beginning to make predictions of what will happen in the following. In this case Lookout, developer of security for Android tools, has jumped to the fore to let us know that 2012 will be a difficult year for the safety of our operating system, or that appears.

According to Lookout in 2012 Android attacks occur in three directions. On the one hand with malicious applications that send SMS Premium without that we ourselves learn. Something that has already happened this year and that is solved with well look at the opinions of users in the Market, see who develops the application and be careful with the apk to download outside the app store.

On the other hand attacks will focus on attack vulnerable devices. I.e., those terminals that are outdated by the manufacturers and therefore exempted of updates that solve bugs that they find. Again, there is a solution (for the majority): root and install an updated ROM.

Finally we have the issue of the Botnets, a threat which has already appeared in Android with cases such as DroidDream. According to Lookout, it is possible to begin to appear more applications that contain this type of bots. There is no certainty that this will happen, are simply predictions of the company.

In my opinion I think that It is clear that new security threats will appear in 2012, but not only on Android but also all kinds of operating systems. As always there will be careful with applications that we use and have our smartphone or tablet as updated as possible, within what allow manufacturers or developers home.