12MP, 4 K and Front Flash Video Recording: So Would Improve The 6S IPhone Camera

Faster, more powerful, better camera. Yes, that’s what Apple will tell us at the presentation of the next iPhone. And not surprisingly, a device such as this has no choice but to improve with each new version. Of course, that you improvements will affect the camera if they could be important.

As on so many occasions, Mark Gurman, which Felix Palazuelos did a great profile yesterday, has just been published that according to its sources will be improvements that affect the camera new iPhone 6S: 12 megapixel sensor, video recording 4K and front sensor for selfies.

Successful or improbable? I am rooting for the first. The inclusion of a sensor with higher resolution will do not see it as necessary, but it is logical that a step ahead. Because Apple numbers don’t matter you, or so they say, but much of the public Yes.

4K video recording could also represent the commitment of Apple for such a resolution and the confirmation of the arrival of the iMac 21.5 “4K

Regard to the video recording with 4K resolution, Currently, there are applications that allow you to force the sensor to get a imante with 4K resolution. The problem is that the terminal is too forced and the bitrate offered is not desired. We’ll see what offers the new iPhone but it is clear that current processors Ax can manage so much information. If the A9 chip increases in power better still. In addition it would finish with a limitation that some blame him versus the competition.

But without a doubt, the most striking is that information of a Flash front for selfies. It is clear that many use the front camera for that and a flash would help to make better them in low light conditions. You could also use for conferences via FaceTime. We will see how integrate it and affect the design.

A few days after the alleged event which will take place on 9 September, the rumors and data will multiply. And of course, if we consider the history of Gurman hits know most of details prior to the event. As the Force Touch features views into iOS 9 code.